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External whistleblower scheme

Through our partnership with the law firm Attent, we’re offering a streamlined external whistleblower scheme for enhanced integrity.

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Answering Your Questions: Navigating WhistleService’s Key Features and Benefits

Does WhistleService offer a compliant third-party screening solution?


Yes, WhistleService partners with Attent to deliver a compliant third-party screening solution, ensuring adherence to the latest EU regulations and maintaining a high level of data security.

How does WhistleService collaborate with legal advisors, auditors, and IT consultants?


WhistleService engages in robust collaborations with experienced legal advisors, auditors, and IT consultants. These collaborations enable us to provide a comprehensive and secure service, including options for third-party screening.

How does WhistleService ensure top-notch security and anonymity?


WhistleService leverages secure end-to-end encryption, trusted hosting partners, and data storage in Stockholm with servers based in Northern Europe. We also implement two-factor authentication, ensuring the utmost security and anonymity for our users.

What are the costs and benefits of a whistleblowing solution like WhistleService?


WhistleService offers competitive pricing starting from as low as 35€ per month. The benefits include fostering a transparent work culture, ensuring regulatory compliance, protecting your company’s reputation, and supporting ethical business practices.

What is a whistleblowing system and why is it crucial for businesses?


A whistleblowing system is a secure and confidential platform that allows individuals to report potential misconduct within an organization. It’s critical for businesses as it fosters a culture of transparency, ethical behavior, and regulatory compliance, protecting your company’s reputation.

What kind of prompt support and response can users expect from WhistleService?


At WhistleService, we offer quick and dedicated customer support. We take all inquiries seriously, ensuring every user’s concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

Who are the experts behind WhistleService and what drives them?


WhistleService is powered by a dedicated team of IT experts and passionate individuals focused on creating a more transparent and ethical future. In partnership with experienced external advisors, we strive to deliver a secure and effective whistleblowing solution.

Why choose WhistleService’s secure and user-friendly whistleblowing software?


WhistleService combines top-tier security measures with an intuitive interface, ensuring everyone can voice their concerns safely and effortlessly. We prioritize your team’s security and ease-of-use, making us the preferred whistleblowing software for modern workplaces.

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